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The world of aviation has many faces.  Too often, when we think of flying, we think primarily of pilots.  As a licensed pilot, I doubt whether anyone enjoys flying more than I do.  But an impressive list of professionals of many stripes are required to “keep ‘em flying” every day: mechanics, line service personnel, assembly line workers, air traffic controllers, engineers, FAA personnel, executives, salespeople, flight attendants, and ticketing agents, to name just a few.  These are aviation’s unsung heroes, and we must never underestimate the very important role that each one plays.  As an aircraft mechanic turned marketing rep, I have first-hand appreciation for the hard work involved in the not-so-glamorous aspects of aviation.  No doubt, a broad range of aviation professionals will find their world reflected somewhere in this cartoon book, and I hope that it will provide us all some much-needed comic relief.

- Introducing -

“WINGNUTS: The Sky’s the Limit!”

100 Aviation Cartoons by Joel Mugglin

Book size - 8.25” x 6”


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